Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Alex B. (7th): Painting What’s Around Us

Alex B. (7th): Painting What’s Around Us
My theme is paintings of nature and the world around us.  I was inspired by the many paintings I saw and by the fact that you could do so much with nature.  Over the weeks all the paintings did connect.  Some paintings had more movement.  The steps I took went something like this: I thought of what I should draw and just drew it and that’s how I came up with that theme.  The whole overall process was to show how there is so many things you could do with nature and show it on paper.  The process was pretty much just painting different parts of nature.  Next time I would like to use better paper.

Ketsia L. (8th): Eyes

Ketsia L. (8th): Eyes
I chose to do eyes for my project because after Ms. Tetrault drew one for me as a reference, I draw them all the time. I mostly draw them with pencils and added shading. For my art project, I used mostly paint to make both human and owl eyes. I didn’t trace, but I used internet pictures as reference. I tried to draw anime eyes, but I couldn’t get it right. I guess I was the best as painting human eyes. I used white paint for the eye color and black for the out line. I tried to use different materials like charcoal and just pencils for any eyes.

Chinyere U.and Samantha M. (7th) : SpongeBob

Chinyere U.and Samantha M. (7th) : SpongeBob
SpongeBob was a team effort. I suggested doing this with Samantha to use different materials. We couldn’t finish the legs because we missed so many classes of art. To make up for the time we lost, we started to work on part of it at home, during school, and during Art Club. SpongeBob took a lot of material to make such as paint, hot glue, normal glue, soft fabric, wood, foil, and more. Our purpose was to make something everyone likes which is the show SpongeBob. Samantha and I had a really good time planning and working on this project. We used watercolors to paint the background with some help from Carina. Carina also helped make the jellyfish for the background as well. I learned that using different materials makes your project more interesting and I can do a lot with my imagination and creativity.

Isabel Z.A. (6th) - Teenage Drama

Teenage Drama Animation

Japanese cartoons inspire me because growing up I see a lot of animation love stories mixed with teenage drama, yet I always wonder how the animation is made. My drawings represent drama in high-school and being a preteen. I started off using the basic materials: pencils, pens, crayons, and color pencils.  My first drawing shows a girl (about 14) crying because her boyfriend wants to break-up with her but he shows no compassion even though she is obviously in a state of emotional pain. I started drawing the outlines of the boy and girl and then their clothing, hair, and finally face. I thought it looked boring with no background so I made a tree and the boy leaning against it. I then colored the people and the background. I love drawing animation because it helps me express what I hear and see everyday during my school hours.

Isabel Z-A

Zachary R. (8th): Independent Project

Zachary R. (8th): Untitled
The work that I am putting in the Art Show are the works that I have worked the longest and put the most work into.  The sketch of the monster made of pen started off with just a bunch of doodling lines then turned into a nice sketch of a monster. The other drawing is a drawing of Mac Miller. I decided to draw him because he is my favorite rapper. In the background I drew the logo of his album BlueSlidePark. My last drawing is of the main character in Assassin’s Creed. I spent around 8 weeks on this drawing.

Samantha T. (8th): Music

Samantha (8th): Independent Project #3                 
My piece of art shows the theme of music. Music is part of my life and many others because it helps them go through life or they just listen to music, just to have fun. In this artwork, I used glitter glue, wooden colored pencils, sharpie markers and regular markers to add color and make it pop. At the middle of the work there is a pair of headphones called “beats” then lyrics all around it. The lyrics shows different meanings and how they are all only one of a kind. Some show love, some show that in life you just have to let go and live life. After I was done with that piece, I made little cards, which have pictures of music on them. Some pictures show how music makes people feel, and some have meanings of what music is in our lives. I used pencil and colored pencil to color them.

Amalia (7th): Master Paintings

Amalia (7th): Untitled
My project took a lot of skill, effort, and a lot of materials. I used paint, canvas, and paint brushes. My project has 3 replicas of 3 great paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Edgar Degas, and Piet Mondrian. Due to the time, my project was weakly complete at the end of this class. Keeping mind I am only 13 and haven’t had a lot of time. My project has now been completed.

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