Thursday, February 16, 2012

H.S. Art Elective observational drawings

working on shading and form.

Vanessa's Sketchbook

Vanessa (12th Grade): The Jacked –up Family
I don’t know when I started drawing, but I used to love drawing animals. I started drawing animals back in 1999 because my grandfather had a parakeet that would fly around the room. The first anime t.v. show I watched was “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” This inspired me to draw anime, which I’ve been doing for the past 5 years. I enjoy anime because the characters are not people. They have superpowers. I make my own characters that are part of a family I’ve created with Gabrielle.

Gabrielle's Sketchbook

Gabrielle (12th Grade): The Jacked-up Family Sketchbook
If you printed our family tree, it would be a lot of pages. It’s confusing and complicated. This is a family that Vanessa and I created. Our family started in 8th grade study hall, and we’ve spent countless hours adding to the storyline.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dalila's Independent Project: Hats

Dalila (8th Grade): Hats
The theme of my art project is Hats. I made this my theme because although it may not seem that way, hats are very important. Hats are used for style, protection, and warmth. I made this project because I like hats and there are many ways to make or design hats. The first thing I made for this project was an animal hat. I was thinking and since I like animals and hats I should combine the two and see what I get. It ended up looking okay. The next step I went to was making people’s heads with hats. I wanted to make it a little more realistic with actual humans. That also turned out okay (a little better). The final step I went to was drawing an animal with a hat on. It was a different way of combining the animals and hats. I think that was the best picture I made. For the drawings I used markers, colored pencils, construction paper and some books to help me.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Joshua's Independent Project: Anime

Joshua (8th Grade): Untitled
I chose to draw anime because I really like watching it and reading mangas. At first I started really badly, but then a classmate, Jade, helped me find a good strategy for the base of anime faces. I then used the same strategy of using common shapes as a base to create the upper bodies of anime characters. After awhile it became easier to draw faces and I began to draw characters of anime TV shows I see, my favorite one being School Rumble. Then I attempted drawing my favorite band, Green Day, as anime. it wasn't as good as drawing actual anime but I thought it was good.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Zach's Independent Project: Portraits

Zachery (8th Grade): Untitled
I wanted to draw people because drawing people lets you put as much detail in the drawing as you want to. I like drawing people because I like drawing realistic pictures.

Nolan's Independent Art Project: Anime Meets Cartoons

Nolan (8th Grade): “Anime Meets Cartoons”
I made this piece because I wanted to relate anime to the world of cartoons. I wanted to connect two worlds in one piece of art with a little bit of urban mix to it using graffiti. I had many challenges creating this piece due to color of the hair and creating a background that can relate to the main pieces of the picture and make it stand out to you. My previous pieces of graffiti are sort of similar to this new piece because I also had troubles figuring out a background and deciding the vivid colors to choose. I really like how this piece came out and I hope I can improve on my graffiti skills in my next masterpiece.    

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jade's Independent Project: Jewelry and Design

Jade (8th grade): Jewelry and Design
In this project I want to start something new other then anime, so I decide to do jewelry. I want all my sets to be unique, but still stick with a theme. So I bent and twisted some wire and added beads as detail so the jewelry be more creative and unique. Then I used my sister to model my sets so I can take pictures. I set up those pictures and design on construction paper in an artistic way, so it can be art inside art .   

Kharimah's Independent Project: Animals


Kharimah (8th grade): Animals
The project that I’ve done is about animals. This art project was really fun for me because animals are something that I have loved for my whole life. There were three major components to my art project. The first and most important piece that I did was drawing animals. I sketched different animals and put them on a color wheel to symbolize the difference in animals. This is really important to me because I showed my true talents. The second piece that I did I just used a thin colored paper to symbolize the ocean. I really liked it because I love turtles. The third and final piece that I made, was a Model Magic penguin. I’ve always loved penguins and I also wanted to sculpt something, so that is what this final piece was for. I painted it and glossed it, so it now looks really nice. My art project about animals is something that I really enjoyed doing. There are so many components to this project and I think that it is really cool.

Max's Independent Art Project: The Mona Lisa

Max (8th grade): Mona Lisa
I tried to draw Leonardo’s Mona Lisa. I tried to draw the Mona Lisa with only pencil and no colors. Drawing this picture was challenging because there is a lot of shading and it was difficult trying to copy the eyes because they are so small. The easier parts to draw were the hair and the clothes because they were mostly the same color of shading.