Friday, January 3, 2014

Independent Projects

The second unit of the 2013-2014 school year was the favored project.  Students love Independent Projects - a chance to explore and build upon their own interests.  They develop their autonomy, critical thinking, time-management and resourcefulness, as well as their technical and artistic skills.

A wide range of artwork emerged, as students pursued their passions.

6th Grade:

Alexis created a dedication to her cat.

Elijah created all of his own compositions, inspired by movies he's watched.

Ava experimented with multi-media.

7th Grade: 

Michael W. created 2-D and 3-D animals.

Joe created a series of drawings of wolves.

8th Grade:

Zhanaia created mythical creatures from her imagination.

A detail from Zhanaia's work

Jhobeyda built a mandala game board out of cardboard and Model Magic.

Isabella focused on detailed portraits, both realistic and fantastical.

8th grade Interdisciplinary Project - Renaissance Art Project

The first art project of the year for 8th grade was a Renaissance Art project.

Students were studying the European Renaissance in History.  The project was an opportunity for students to combine Renaissance concepts with important aspects from their own lives.  They created unique artwork based on 1 of 3 Renaissance concepts:

Observation as Poetry:
Leonardo Da Vinci believed the aim of art was to examine the world and imitate the world’s features – human forms and anatomy, architecture, animals, machinery, and beyond. Challenge #1 is to create artwork from observation.

This student created a series of observational drawings of hands.
Invention: Science Meets Art:
Da Vinci’s designs were spectacularly ahead of his time. If they had actually been built, they might have revolutionized the history of technology.  Challenge #2 is to create an invention that we need now or in the future.

Humanism: Changes in the Human Condition:
Da Vinci’s art reflected major social changes, as society moved out of the Dark Ages into the Renaissance.  Challenge #3 is to combine classical imagery with a modern message.
Botticelli's Birth of Venus becomes a modern commentary on the world.
The Mona Lisa is transformed into a commentary on celebrity worship.
The Mona Lisa is transformed into a commentary on social media and technology.
The Mona Lisa (a popular piece!) is transformed into a commentary on teen pregnancy.

7th grade Interdisciplinary Project - Geography as Storytelling

The 7th grade History teacher and I teamed up for their first Interdisciplinary Project. 

They were studying geography in History class, so they created Geography as Story-telling collages based on interaction in geography.

two sides to the world

what it would be like to live on space

the control of television and the government

the magic of childhood

6th grade Interdisciplinary Project - A Meal at Home Collage

The first project of the year for 6th grade students was a Meal at Home Collage.
As many of the students had never had Art before, it allowed them to experiment with materials, composition, and visual story-telling.
It was fun for them to create their favorite foods and include their favorite people.

family meal around the table

having fun in the kitchen