Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gianna's Independent Project

Gianna (6th grade): Fabulous Fruit
My project is “Fabulous Fruit” which is beautiful, colorful paintings and 3-D models of fruit. My process for painting was first sketching the fruit, and then painting it.  After the paint dried, I would put a fruit sticker on it.  My process for sculpting the fruit was getting or making the perfect color for the fruit, then sculpting it into the perfect shape, and then baking it for 10 minutes.  When I took it out, I would make sure the sculpture was perfect.  What inspired me were other paintings I was of fruit.  Some difficulties I had were that when I made a cherry it broke, but I fixed it.  This is what I did to make “Fabulous Fruit”.

students' thoughts on being an artist...

Learning to think like an artist means:

Relating your creation to the way you feel inside – Nolan

Use failure as an opportunity. -Emmanuel

Not hating on others’ work, but trying to inspire. – Mariama

Being nice to yourself. –Beatrix

Taking advice. – Jarrel

Don’t do really easy projects; have a challenge.  – Makyla

Making every little piece important. – Kayley

Be resourceful. – Zachary, Emerson, & Melissa

Add. Don’t stop. Build-off. – Gerald

Planning out your artwork before you do it. – Janaya

Be steady and relax.  – Samantha

Being inspired in every day life. –AJ

Quality over quantity. – Tyler

Consistently trying, develop yourself, never give up. - Jahia 

Mixing cultures and meanings. – Janeseey

Seeing what you can do with limited options.  –Gayelle

Be open-minded.  – Matt

Imagine something impossible and creative. –Yvenia

Concentrate for a long time. –Romozar

Keep going back to improve your work. –Jasmine

Do a good job on something little. –Maeve

Working based on the world beyond you.  – Ginhaude

Have fun making your art.  Hakeem

If you have a new idea, do it. – Gianna

Sketch things you see.  –L.J.

Pay attention. – Andrea

Have outrageous ideas. – Sarina

Do something you wouldn’t normally do. – Janh

Take risks with your artwork. - Colin

Never give up.  – Maximo

Monday, March 5, 2012

gesture drawing II

In HS Art Elective, we are on the second day of a gesture unit. 

Last class, we worked on traditional gesture drawing, where quick lines capture the motion and essence of the pose, lead by senior Serge.

Today, two high school seniors demonstrated how gesture drawing can be applied to manga or other inventions.

Students were to draw my quick 30 second poses and then turn them into an imaginative scenario.  (Artists use models to learn proportion and then change the context to suit their needs).

I was cast as a super-hero, a swimmer, a rabbit, and more.  They are so creative!
Vanessa demonstrating gesture lines within her drawing

the projected drawing
me modeling for the class
Vanessa's characterization of the poses