Thursday, December 15, 2011

6th grade Independent Project: evil creatures in paint and clay

by Victor

7th grade Independent Project: Bruins stencil

by Ryan

8th grade Independent Project: clay superheroes

8th grade Independent Art Project: abstract color

Gayelle (8th grade): Abstract Art
Over the summer at Camp Harbor View, I learned about a new technique of art: abstract art. It consists of sketches, drawings, and paintings that aren’t particularly a thing, it’s really anything that you want it to be.  I was deeply interested in this art, so I chose abstract art as my project.  I started off with a basic swirl in my favorite colors, but as I progressed, I chose to be more creative with colors and lines in my painting.  One day I learned about using a mixing try for paint to get creative colors and hues.  Overall, I feel that I have progressed in painting skills and broke out of my risk to show creativity.  I really enjoyed seeing my potential in art and creativity.  Overall, I am proud of my abstract art unit.

6th grade Independent Project: calligraphy

Jasseim (6th grade):  Untitled

For my art project, I wanted to try a complex language, so I decided to try Chinese calligraphy.  I started out with some easy symbols then I moved on to harder stuff.  I started to try to add new backgrounds to the pictures like splatter art and adding different colors.  I then started to put the symbols in an order so that they become a sentence that makes sense.  I started to paint the sentences on things like rice paper and t-shirts.  I was hoping that I would master Chinese calligraphy by the time I was done.