Thursday, December 20, 2012

Neighborhood Project Map

Neighborhood Project Map

In ELA, 8th grade students wrote vignettes about their neighborhoods.  In Visual Arts class, they also reflected on their neighborhoods: sketching and writing about neighbors, important events, special places, and their daily path.  Through this preliminary work, each student determined an interesting aspect, or theme, to map.  After determining the best materials to communicate their unique theme, students went about creating a Neighborhood Project Map.  Finally, students reflected on their purpose and process via an artist statement.

From past years:

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lucie M. (5th): "Discovering a Whole New World"

A 5th grade student entered the Fotodyne Art Contest.  Here is her entry:

Lucie M. (5th): "Discovering a Whole New World"

"When I heard about the contest, I got excited. My mom and I went onto the Fotodyne website and saw some of their interesting products. The microscopes gave me the idea to draw different aspects of life. I immediately gave it some thought and began writing and jotting down ideas. I finally settled on a girl holding the earth and a beaker and to show space and matter. I am a 10 year old in the 5th grade. Some of the things I like to do when I am not in school are swimming, fashion designing, and playing with my friends."

Project Week: Stencils

 Many street artists are using stencils in new and creative ways.

Here are some stencils from student artists:

Project Week: Street Art

Street Art:  The People’s Media
Art.  You might know it from visiting museums and learning about it in school.  You might have seen a play or consider your favorite singer an artist.  But what about displaying art for everyone to see for free?  In the city, art exists at every turn: architecture, graffiti murals, fashion, etc.  Why is it there?  What is the artist trying to convey?  Why did s/he choose that spot to bomb, tag, etc.? In this project, we will be examining two types of street art: Hip Hop Graffiti and Stencil Graffiti.  We will leave APR to experience it, discuss its impact and you will learn how to do it yourself.  In the end, you too will become an artist sharing your message with the world. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jarrel L. (7th grade): Wolf Scratch

Jarrel L. (7th grade): Wolf Scratch

My theme is Wolf Scratch Paint.  I'm doing this because I like wolves and I always wanted to try the paint scratch thing.  The thing that inspired me was my friends.  They said , "you should do wolves" and "do that paint scratching thing, bro".  Haha! Thanks guys.  Anyway, I would combine more pictures next time.  Have four wolves instead of one wolf.  The most important technique that I used was focus.  I really tried on my project.  I will do more when I have art class again.  That is my tip to some one who wants to make similar artwork.  Focus on what you're doing, but have fun doing it.