Wednesday, September 14, 2011

interesting links  Interactive Art Galleries

Destination Modern Art
Join an alien for a tour of moma and ps21!

Art Education Games
Learn about the basics with these activities!,1

This is a virtual paintbox and paper. Paint a picture and play it back or send
via email.

Draw a figure and watch it dance!

National Gallery for Kids
I love this site! It has many interactive games and fun learning activities.

Art Games
Fun, interactive games! Ages 4-12 This takes forever to load on some machines.

Make your own Mandala
Create a radial symmetry design using geometric shapes. Other educational games
are linked from the Girl Scouts.

Mr. Picassohead
Create abstractions using Pablo Picasso facial features!

Make your own comic strip! Start with a joke or art concept.

Tux Paint
This is a great free download art program for kids!


I will be posting cool links and images to inspire students in my choice-based art classroom!