Friday, May 9, 2014

8th grade Independent Projects

8th grade was mostly interested in drawing for their Independent Projects.  Younger students often love clay and multi-media, while older students want to work on their technical drawing skills when given the choice. Check out their hard work!

Laury's visual commentary on mainstream standards of beauty
Laury's social commentary
Isabel's portrait of Tyga
Seamus' illustration of a favorite book
Hakeem - one of several in a shoe series

Isabella - detailed character drawing
Sherbie - mixed media selfies
Isabella - detailed character drawing
Isabella - detailed character drawing

7th grade Independent Projects

7th grade was also interested in embroidery and mixed media.

Brandon's cross-stitching started the needlepoint trend.
Tiffany's Marilyn Monroe embroidery - notice the filled-in red dress.

Ciearra's embroidery of a woman.
Iriana's  Puerto Rican Despicable Me
Samantha's drawing.

6th grade Independent Projects

6th grade was especially interested in mixed-media and embroidery for their last Independent Project.  They are a creative bunch!

Ivan's kangaroo with pouch
Alana's mixed-media piece.
Alexis' ode to swimming
Kayla's football embroidery
Destiny's heart embroidery
Fhrynee's music embroidery 
Soka's cat embroidery

Fall Project Week - Poetry and Art

Project Week is just a blast.

In the fall, I collaborated with Caitin Phelan, HS Learning Specialist, to create an interdisciplinary week-long project creating art and poetry.

Overviewwe will explore how works of visual and written art inspire each other, and how they enhance each other’s meaning when we use them together.
We will use a hands-on approach to represent our ideas in a visually interesting way.
Finally, we will express truth in a way that is authentic to ourselves through poetry and artwork, and through accepting and embracing the “mistakes” in our work.


"Black-out" poetry based on Austin Kleon:

Concrete Poem (in the shape of the subject):

writing warm-up:

calligraphy practice:

Some of the final products, including original writing and images:

6th grade Interdisciplinary Project - Art/ELA - Self and Society

In ELA, students read The Outsiders and discussed character traits and conflicts (person vs. self, society, and nature).

In Art, they created a piece of artwork that communicates about self and society.

This project is an opportunity to show how you interact with society.

Choose one project:
  1. Your Thumbprint and Society: The first option is thumbprint art that tells about yourself in society.  Challenge #1 is to create a text-based illustration of your thumbprint that tells about you in society.
  2.  Me x 2: Second,  a self-portrait that is divided into two sections (how I see myself on the inside, how I see myself in society). Challenge # 2 is to create a series of 2 self portraits that illustrate 2 aspects of your life.

Your Thumbprint and Society:

notice the colorful profile in the midst of Alexis' thumbprint

Me x 2: