MA State Standards

Meeting Massachusetts State Standards:

Methods, Materials, and Techniques
Students will demonstrate knowledge of the methods, materials, and techniques unique to the visual arts.
A wide variety of media and techiniques will be explored through demonstrations, centers, and daily discussions.

Elements and Principles of Design
Students will demonstrate knowledge of the elements and principles of design.
Authentic assessments stress the elements and principles of design (such as portfolios,  artist statements, critiques, and informal conversations).

Observation, Abstraction, Invention, and Expression
Students will demonstrate their powers of observation, abstraction, invention, and expression in a variety of media, materials, and techniques.
Since the ideas belong to the student, they are not only original, but also more expressive.  

Drafting, Revising, and Exhibiting
Students will demonstrate knowledge of the processes of creating and exhibiting artwork: drafts, critique, self-assessment, refinement, and exhibit preparation.
This is the strand that most traditional art programs struggle the most with, while choice-based rooms have the greatest success.  Children do not learn to become dependent on the teacher for ideas and motivation.  The studio structure culminates in an end of the year art show.

Critical Response
Students will describe and analyze their own work and the work of others using appropriate visual arts vocabulary. When appropriate, students will connect their analysis to interpretation and evaluation. 
Students participate in small and large group discussions, written self-evaluations, artist statements, and so on.


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