Independent Art Project Rubric

Rubric for Independent Art Projects
* Each criteria is worth 5 total possible points (TPP)

Creativity/Innovation - originality in the idea or process, level of risk, and/or creative solution that was used in the making of the work.  Does it extend or change from past work done by same student? 

Craftsmanship - There is consistent evidence of craftsmanship, effort, and attention to detail in the finished piece. 

Color/Detail - there is a range of color and/or detail to make the work visually interesting to look at.

Fulfills Theme – How well does the work solve the problems outline in the proposal?  Does work show growth? 

Complete Assignment – To what degree does the project show a sufficient amount of work?   

Artist Statement - artist statement is thoughtful and reflective.  It tells the viewer about the student's purpose and process. Uses 3 or more art vocab words.

Project = 30 TPP


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