How is Choice-based Art Assessed?

How is choice-based art assessed?

Because the choice-based classroom is structured toward individualized learning, the teacher has the opportunity to authentically assess students’ growth and learning in their daily activities. This is done through observations, checklists, and teacher-student conferences. Students are also given frequent opportunities to self-assess their progress using various tools, including rubrics, journals, artist statements, and discussions. 

     At APR, Art is a Honors/Pass/Fail course.  Students are assessed in three main areas: 

1)   In Class Art Assignments/ Art Portfolio: A choice-based art class requires each student to follow their own interests.  In order to follow their developing artistic sense, students are required to keep artwork and artist statements in an ongoing art portfolio.  Every 6 weeks students are graded on their Independent Project (a collection of art based on a self-chosen “theme”).  
2)  “Do Nows”: While they only take few minutes, Do Nows set us up for success at the beginning of class and teach key skills.
3)   Class Participation/Effort: Students are graded on participating in discussions, staying on task and having respect for everyone’s efforts.


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