Choice-based philosophy

APR's Art Curriculum is based on a choice-based philosophy.

The essential goal of art teaching is to inspire children to behave like feel what it is to gather an art idea on one's own and act on it. The goal is to reveal to children that art comes from within themselves -- not from the teacher.”
George Szekely – Encouraging Creativity in Art Leasons

Benefits of Choice in Visual Arts:

1. Students are highly invested in their work because it reflects their personal interests.

2. Students take ownership of their learning. 

3. Teacher time is spent observing students and facilitating discovery, not directing a single activity for all.

4. Students are empowered by autonomy in art class.

5. Choice is a perfect fit for today's diverse classes and the move towards differentiated instruction.

6. Time is used very efficiently; the initial five-minute demonstration and the brief clean up time leaves more time for student work.  Additional detailed instruction is given to the small groups choosing the demonstrated topic as they work

7. Choice exposes teachers to what is really happening in the minds and lives of students, which  allows the teacher to tailor instruction to the students they teach. 

8. More information is covered through daily demos and multiple centers.

9. Assessment is authentic and student-driven.

10. Choice is more personal.


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